View source for ASP.NET AJAX Web Service js proxy

Here is a quick tip that you might find helpful when working with the JavaScript proxy classes the ASP.NET AJAX ScriptManager server control auto-generates.  You can view the source for the proxy by entering the following url into the browser: http://[server]/[website]/[webservice].asmx/js  For example, assuming you have created an ASP.NET AJAX web site called SampleWebSite and within the web site there is a web service called SampleWebService, all you have to do to view the JavaScript proxy is navigate to: http://localhost/SampleWebSite/SampleWebService.asmx/js
I recently wrote a post describing how ASP.NET AJAX web services can be used with the Microsoft Virtual Earth Map Control to create a nice web based map application (the article is here, the online demo is here).  You can view the JavaScript proxy for the web service I used to look-up the lat/longs for the zip-codes by clicking on the following link: 

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